A Postcard from Africa!

I am so excited today because my friend sent me a postcard with a picture of an African elephant on it! Did you know that the African elephant is the largest land animal in the world!? They can weigh as much as 14,000 pounds. That’s as heavy as seven cars!!


The elephant on this postcard reminds me of my friend Vincent in Uganda. He is an African elephant and he is very big. You can read more about my friend Vincent in my storybook. Just click here or visit the “meet uwe” page.


Thank you so much to my new friend for sending me such a wonderful postcard and for teaching me that your favorite color is orange. I like orange too, but my favorite color is blue. If you would like to teach me your favorite color, please send it with your name to uwe@gmail.com with a picture of your favorite thing. Or you could send me a postcard to (1234 Africa update to new address) and I will share it in my diary!

Sharing things with our friends is so much fun!

Your friend,



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