Hello Parents and Teachers!


We know you might have a lot of questions about this quirky and adventurous monkey from Uganda and we would just love to answer those questions! We love Uwe (pronounced “you-way”). He was developed as a way to connect special needs students connected to The Oliva Project in Uganda with children and people of all ages all over the world. Through photographs posted online and postcards sent in the mail, we hope that Uwe can touch the lives of children everywhere and to broaden the world for our students here who might otherwise never see beyond their villages.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Uwe:

What is The Oliva Project?

The Oliva project is dedicated to providing holistic and quality education to children with intellectual disabilities in Uganda. The Oliva Project maintains 501(c)(3) status as a fiscally sponsored project of Lift Up Africa.


Who is Uwe?

Children in Uganda love to learn about what life is like elsewhere in the world and we thought other children might feel the same. Uwe is a character that helps connect children around the world.

How does Uwe do it?

We ask families to take pictures of the Uwe monkey toy, then post those pictures to social media and describe what they are doing. This provides a glimpse of what everyday life is like around the world. Uwe is given to children in Uganda, who cherish him as a special toy and also share pictures with him.


What should I take pictures of?

Uwe loves to share what everyday life is like! Take pictures doing everyday things like brushing teeth, having dinner, going to school. If you are going to share the pictures remember they will be public so be careful and conscious of what you post.

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What if I don't want to be in the picture?

If you would rather not share pictures of yourselves and Uwe just share pictures of Uwe doing everyday things. The children we work with in Uganda love seeing glimpses into the world outside of their lives and they will be overjoyed to see Uwe exploring or experiencing new things.


How do I share pictures?

You can share picture on Uwe's Facebook page. Uwe's page also has fun facts about Uganda. You can also see pictures others are posting. Note: Pictures on Uwe's site must be approved before being posted so you can browse with confidence.          www.facebook.com/youanduwe         twitter and Instagram @youanduwe


How can I get my very own Uwe!?

Just ask! If you visit our contact page and send us an address or if you mail uwe a postcard at 123 Street Address San Fransisco, CA 12345 and we will carefully pack Uwe up and get him ready for his next adventure with you!